Music Together®-Greater Madison Area

See what our parents and students have to say about our classes:


"This is the third semester we are participating in Music Together. We started right at the beginning of Pandemic when my daughter was turning two. She connected with Ms Julie but the bond grew more and more each semester. My daughter enjoys the regular structure of the class. The way Ms Julie executes the songs clicks well with her. She started repeating the tonal patterns after Ms Julie after her first semester, and even was asking for Ms Julie over the break. The songs have international diversity and are of high quality. I enjoy listening to them myself. The app is excellent and my daughter listens to each new song series as soon as we get it each semester. The booklet has great drawings and good companion to the app. During these cold pandemic days, the songs are great comfort for her to listen to for a few hours every day, and the zoom class with Ms Julie is a great activity to look forward to each week." -Azi, mom of 1 child


"As a mom of three young kiddos I found the online platform of music classes both useful and a bright spot in our days at home.  With needing to find activities within and around our own home during these unprecedented times, online music classes with Catherine were easy to access on our own timeline and wherever it fit, either in the backyard, or inside a bright sunny bedroom while the baby sleeps. We were so happy to give the online classes a try and will be signing up again!"  -Bri, mother of 3 children


"Music Together class through Music Together Madtown has enriched our daily lives in ways I could never have imagined. My 21-month-old adores singing the songs together at home, and constantly surprises me by mimicking things he saw happen in class. While class has generated a true excitement about music for my son, it has also taught him other incredibly important lessons like watching and following a teacher, sharing with friends, and transitioning between activities. I can't say enough good things about Catherine's teaching style and her program - class is our most looked-forward-to 45 minutes every week!"  -Katie


"My daughters and I so enjoyed taking Music Together classes with Catherine. Catherine is a warm and wonderful teacher, so accepting of each child and what they bring into the room. The class structure is just right for young children, with enough to help them feel comfortable but also the freedom to move and explore as they enjoy the music. We loved all of the songs, and would sing them (still sing them) in the car and as a family at our piano after dinner. I can't say enough good things about these classes!" - Mariah, mother of Adah (3) and Junia (1) 


 "I love Music Together because it’s a wonderful way for my daughters to interact with other kids in a fun, safe, and educational environment. And I love to how they have blossomed over the course of the session. They both love to burst out in song, especially "Hello Everybody." Highly recommended these classes!"   -Maria, Middleton mother of 2 and 4 year old daughters


"My daughter and I began taking Music Together classes when she was about a year and a half old. A year later, it is still her favorite activity! She enjoys the entire class from beginning to end. My favorite aspect of Music Together is watching my daughter's love of music grow. She will spontaneously sing songs from the class throughout the day and is starting to make up her own lyrics to the songs. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful experience!"    -Heather


"My 1 year old daughter has loved Music Together class with Catherine from the very first class when she was 6 months old. Upon hearing the class music, she immediately begins clapping to the beat, stomping her feet or wiggling along. Catherine has already helped develop my daughter's love of music, not to mention many music concepts, in the short time we've spent with her (2 sessions)!"  -Diane