Class types and descriptions

Outdoor classes:

We are excited to be able to offer outdoor classes this spring!


These are the safety protocols that will be in place.

a) smaller class sizes-7 families or fewer per class  

b) teacher, all adults and kids 5+ will be required to mask  

c) spacing between family blankets of at least 6 feet from the edge of one blanket to another  

d) families bring their own *instruments from home/no germ sharing.

e) any missed class can be made up only in a Zoom class or pre-recorded offering (IE no one who hasn't signed up for your class will be doing a make up in your class)


Spring weather...happens! 90 minutes before the first class of the day, we will post on our website and email the families involved if weather forces us to turn a class into a Zoom class. Reserving the shelters is cost prohibitive, and if they are not reserved, we can use them, but so can anyone else from the public, not allowing for social distancing. We will not cancel for cold or heat, just rain.


Let's talk bathrooms: Garner Park bathrooms will be open for the season April 10th, Tierney Park bathrooms will be open May 1st for the season (note-we will hold class in the open area just off Peaceful Valley Pkwy, not right next to the play structure area), Eagle Heights Community Center Lawn-no bathrooms available to public.

Please feel free to bring a potty chair in your car for quick access.


Other details: Families will be asked to bring their own blanket and place them on one of the rubber, colored dots that we have out to space out each family. Your teacher will have a headset microphone so she can be heard. Dane County Parks allow mics and amplifier sound as long as the noise is not overly loud.

At Eagle Heights, wild turkey are often present in the area. 





Zoom classes:

Zoom classes will be lengthened via a paid Zoom subscription to accomodate a full, 45 minute interactive class! We will follow a normal class arc of starting with the Hello Song, engaging in small movement activities, doing large movement activities, using instruments to supplement our song learning, doing a free dance and free instrument play, as well as a lullaby and Goodbye. Hop onto Zoom a few minutes early to hear a storybook or give suggestions to be used in a song that day!


Zoom classes allow for a good amount of interaction between the teacher and families via interactions before and after class as well as unmuting to answer questions and the teacher observing and using ideas she spots families giving during the class!





Pre-recorded classes:

Pre-recorded classes allow for ultimate flexiblity! Your family can participate with these classes whenever it works best for you, watching your favorites over and over. We're adding a new twist to the pre-recorded classes...instead of each 15 minute class having a Hello and Goodbye song, each set of 3 fifteen minute classes will mimic a 45 minute class, with all the other elements of a typical class elements (Hello, small movement, large movement, instrument use, free dance, free instrument jam, lullaby, Goodbye). You can watch them all at once or space them out throughout the week to enjoy!





What is Rhythm Kids?




    For children from preK through second grade, Rhythm Kids® by Music Together®is the music and movement program where children explore rhythm through drumming, singing, and dancing to a combination of Music Together songs specifically adapted for their age and new music inspired from around the world. Classes are led by our trained teachers, and children continue learning outside of class with our proprietary interactive videos. 

    Taught in two levels, one for four- and five-year-olds and one for kindergarteners through second graders, Rhythm Kids completes the early childhood music development path from birth through age 8, including music pre-literacy. Children learn to drum, sing, move to new rhythms, work in ensembles, conduct, and improvise. Through dynamic music games and activities, they develop skills like recognizing and playing patterns and soloing, they develop timing, coordination, listening skills and self-expression, and they build self-confidence and social abilities. 

Q and A:

What is Rhythm Kids and how is it different from a Music Together Family Class?

Rhythm Kids was created by Music Together as a next step for older kids. While sharing many of the same elements of a Music Together Family Class (small movement, large movement, creative play, etc), kids in RK will have an opportunity to engage in activities that create musical confidence and show their emerging indepedence! Musical games, opportunities to conduct the group, opportunities to solo, as well as learning the names and symbols in musical notation all play a role in RK classes. And yet...these classes draw upon the same idea that is the engine of all Music Together classes..the best learning for children is done through play! So while we're moving toward "formal" instruction, we keep the silly quotient in full swing!


Does my child have to have taken Music Together family classes to join a Rhythm Kids class?

No! However, if your child is joining RK1, and you have concerns about their readiness in any sense, please reach out to Catherine to discuss.


Does my child have to have taken RK1 to take RK2? 

No! Your child can jump in at either stage. RK1 has many elements of a Music Together family class and yet takes some steps to more independent child led music making. RK2 goes a step further, and helps older kids take some leadership in class at times, as well as more specific work on accurate tone and rhythm work. 

Both RK1 and RK2 have accompanying videos (made by the creator or RK, Tom Foote) that will help your children learn at home. 


Do I need to buy special instruments for RK1 or RK2?

For both RK1 and RK2, you will need all the instruments that you need for a Music Together family class (shakers, rhythm sticks, drum, scarf-home found or store bought)

For RK1, buying a Djembe drum is optional. Your child will need to have something in the form of a drum (yes, this can be a “found at home” item) to use in class and practice with. 

For RK2, a Djembe is necessary. Music Together has developed a relationship with Mindy’s Music Kids and secured quality and affordable options for Djembes.

Options: 1. Buy a Djembe drum from any retailer (7-8” head recommended) 2. Buy any 7-8” Djembe from Mindy’s Music Kids Mindy's Music Kids-Djembes  3. Buy a Djembe from Catherine that she has purchased from Mindy’s Music Kids Djembes, $34.00, no upcharge) Color options will be limited once people start purchasing. Contact Catherine to order.


Do I need to be involved in class with my child?

You are not required to participate in class with your child. However, as always in Music Together, we encourage adult participation as it supports your child’s learning process.  Also, depending on your child’s age and stage, your help as a parent, nanny, or grandparent, may be invaluable (IE your child has a potty emergency!) Adults may also simply enjoy being part of the class for their own musical enjoyment!

Any Rhythm Kids teacher has undergone a thorough background check via a third party resource.


 Are there special materials for Rhythm Kids classes?

Yes! The materials handed out to RK students will look different than those in Music Together family classes. RK1 will share about half of the songs from the corresponding Music Together collection. The other half of the songs in the RK1 collection will be unique to Rhythm Kids. RK2 will share about a third of the songs from the corresponding Music Together collection, and the other two thirds will be songs unique to Rhythm Kids.